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Shawn C.

Shawn C.

Shawn has been part of the Princeton Animal Hospital team since February 2019 but has spent years working and volunteering in the field. She has rescued and fostered dogs through the Pound Hounds Rescue for over 10 years and joined us because wanted to learn more and gain more experience than she was able to at her last practice.  One of the things she appreciates about working at Princeton Animal Hospital is working with such knowledgeable doctors and technicians.

Shawn lost her beloved Jax, an American Bulldog Mix in the summer of 2020 but still has two dogs, Duncan and Luna, and two cats, Lily and Sammy, at home.

When she’s not working, Shawn spends a lot of time working with foster dogs and during those rare times when she’s not involved with animals, one way or another, she likes to work out and to play field hockey.

Shawn cares deeply for any animal under her care at Princeton Animal Hospital which is not surprising for someone who spends so much time with rescue and foster dogs.  She has said that she feels proud to be part of a team of such knowledgeable coworkers and we are proud to have her!