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Sarah H.

Sarah H. and dog from Princeton Animal Hospital & Carnegie Cat Clinic.

Sarah H.

Sarah grew up in Newton, PA and joined us first as an extern enrolled in a Veterinary Assistants program at Mercer County Community College. After her required hours were over in December 2020, we offered her a job and she accepted. Sarah has always loved animals and knew she wanted to work with them but her time externing at PAH convinced her that she wanted to be part of this specific team.

Sarah has two dogs - Olive and Maggie, both of whom are Yorkshire Terrier Mixes.  Olive is quiet and small for her breed and is Sarah’s baby going everywhere Sarah goes.  Maggie, according to Sarah is, “the sweetest but craziest pup I’ve ever met” who loves everyone!

On her days off, Sarah likes to go horseback riding in Pipersville, PA and go hiking in a multitude of local parks.

Sarah loves working at Princeton Animal Hospital because of the great friends she’s made.  “The work ethic my coworkers have is phenomenal.  They know how to have fun but also crack down and work hard.  I am so grateful to be around such hard working individuals.” 

And we are grateful to have Sarah as part of our team!