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Michaela Y.

Michaela Y.

Michaela is a member of our veterinarian technician team at Princeton Animal Hospital.  She is very familiar with the field as both of her parents are veterinarians!  She is originally from El Dorado, California and joined our team at PAH/CCC in early 2022, shortly after moving to New Jersey.

Michaela has two young cats - Kai and Nala. According to Michaela, Kai is content with regular cat toys but Nala plays only with hair ties and bottle caps.  Interestingly, it was when she brought Nala in for a non-wellness appointment as a client that Michaela was impressed with what she and Nala experienced and decided that this was a place she would enjoy working at.

When she’s not working, Michaela enjoys painting and has even painted pet portraits!

As an assistant, Michaela’s primary job is helping the doctors with appointments and she absolutely loves being part of the PAH and CCC team.  She feels that everyone she works with is helping her elevate the knowledge and skills she came to us with.  We feel very lucky to have this California transplant as part of our team!