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Lisa H.

Lisa Hendricksen from Princeton Animal Hospital & Carnegie Cat Clinic

Lisa H.

Lisa started working at Princeton Animal Hospital in April 2015 as a veterinarian assistant.  Lisa attended Mercer County Community College Veterinarian Assistants Program and completed her externship here at Princeton Animal Hospital & Carnegie Cat Clinic.  Lisa was the first student to take the board test and has been awarded the designation of Approved Veterinary Assistant (AVA) 

"Nothing brings me greater joy than helping an animal in need.  I always want our patients to feel safe and stress free. Their well-being is my first priority.   I believe owning a cat or a dog or both is good for the soul.  I love working with the most compassionate coworkers ever.  After 7 years I still look forward to coming to work and learning new things."  

Lisa also teaches preschoolers and is a volunteer for Pet Rescue of Mercer.  She has one dog, a Chihuahua mix, named Pablo Linguini Chalupa Esco bark (yes that’s his full name) and a cat Oliver Tux.  Lisa truly enjoys the company of her 3 grown daughters, discovering the road less traveled, simple pleasures and listening to the Beatles.