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Lia Z.

Lia Z. from Princeton Animal Hospital & Carnegie Cat Clinic

Lia Z.

Lia joined our Princeton Animal Hospital team in January 2021.  She was born and raised right here in New Jersey in Monroe Township.  Lia wanted to become a member of our team because of the “extraordinary care” we give all our patients.

Lia has two pets of her own - a black rescue cat named Smoke and a Toy Poodle named Isabella.  We’ve learned that Smoke sleeps with his mouth open (which Lia finds adorable), that he is a purring machine and that the two of them love watching Planet Earth Docuseries together!

When she’s not working, Lia has many, many exciting interests which include scuba diving, surfing, traveling, photography and hanging out with her family and friends.

We loved Lia’s answer when asked about her experience working at Princeton Animal Hospital.  “I absolutely love working here. I enjoy coming to work every day knowing I’m going to learn something new. The staff is always willing to teach me new things and help grow my skills as a vet assistant. Everyone has made me feel welcome and secure in my role at Princeton Animal

Hospital. I enjoy working with this amazing team to give patients the care they need.”  We feel very lucky to have Lia as a member of our team!