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Jessica L.

Jessica H. from Princeton Animal Hospital & Carnegie Cat Clinic

Jessica L.

Veterinary Technician Jessica, known as Jess around the hospital, joined the staff of Princeton Animal Hospital in February 2012 and has been working professionally with animals for the past thirteen years. In the hospital, Jess can be found in the operating room as a surgical technician, monitoring/treating hospital patients, seeing appointments, filling prescriptions, and assisting the doctors. Jessica has a great sense of humor and naturally upholds our philosophy and mission to provide excellent care for our patients.

"PAH has a great atmosphere. There is always an opportunity to learn more and further my knowledge of animals," Jessica said. "All of my co-workers are great people and we have become good friends."

Jess has a senior dog, Poncho, an Australian cattle dog, Scully, a cat named Kona, a Leopard Gecko named Dobby and a Crested Gecko named Kreacher. She spends her time going to shows and concerts, reading, hiking, kickboxing, volunteering for animal rescues, spending time with loved ones and traveling. Jessica is also a pit bull and bully breed advocate.